Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with my membership?

  • 24 hour, 365 day access to the space
  • Hot coffee
  • High speed, fiber optic WiFi
  • All utilities included
  • Off street, public parking
  • Your own desk & chair
  • Access to conference & meeting spaces

Can I signup and use the space on the same day?

Yes! We’d love for you to stick around after your walk through to finish out your day at Catalyst.

Where can I park?

We have off street public parking that is available for free in 2 and 4 hour spaces. Or you can signup for a reserved parking spot through the City of Ames for $50 per month.

Does Catalyst provide a mailbox service?

No we do not. However, the post office is one block away and you can reserver your own P.O. box there.

Do you provide wired internet connections?

Yes! Please let the community manager know that you’d like a wired internet connection via our Slack group.

How fast is the internet?

We are currently on a fiber optic 500 Mbps download & 500 Mbps upload speed.

Can I have multiple people use the space?

We only allow one person at a time due to capacity requirements, but you are more than able to have multiple people use your membership. If you would like to have multiple people at one time we kindly ask you to have an additional membership.

Can my company pay for my membership?

Yes absolutely! Actually this would be the preferred method as most companies offer paid office space if you’re a remote employee (be sure to ask if you’re unsure).

Do you offer punch cards?

Yes! Please speak with the team member during your walk through to get this set up.